SEO 101

Table of contents

    We have categorized the SEO guidelines and best practices into three main categories. You can call these categories the core components of any successful SEO campaign. All these guidelines we have consolidated are provided by SEO software companies or industry experts. We bring them all together so that we can review them all in one place and use them as we move forward down the road.

    Keyword Research

    Identify target keywords for your website. Low difficulty high volume keywords are preferable to us. Also, choose long-tail keywords and LSI keywords.

    Content Writing

    Learn how to write SEO copy or content for your website. All the videos uploaded (date) by Ahrefs and are related to Content Writing or Copywriting.

    Acquire new backlinks for your website. Competitors’ backlinks analysis, outreach, skyscraper technique, middlemen technique, directory submission, content syndication, etc.

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