How to Install a WordPress App on Cloudways Server

Step 1.

Go to the following URL and log in with the credentials given below.



Pass: your_account_password

Add Application on Cloudways Server
Cloudways Dashboard [Applications]

Step 2.

Click on the Add Application button and select B2B server from the dropdown Server selection menu on the subsequent popup/modal window.

Add Application -> Select Server
Cloudways Dashboard [Add Application > Select Server ]

Step 3.

Select WordPress Clean (No Cloudways Optimization) Version 6.0 from the Application dropdown list. 

Name your App as same as your domain name. In our case, it is 

Next Select your Project in this case, we selected CBD Niche. You can create a new project category or can select one from the existing ones.

Now, click on Add Application button.

Cloudways Dashboard [Add Application > Select App | Name your App | Select your Project]
Cloudways Dashboard [Add Application > Select App | Name your App | Select your Project]

The system will automatically create a new WordPress instance on your selected server with a new folder name and the same database name. You need to keep a note of the folder and database name as we will need this information later to connect our Godaddy domain with this WordPress app.

Cloudways bot installing WordPress App on B2B Vultr Server

Step 4.

Click on from the B2B server’s application dropdown list. On the following page, you will find the details of the application you just set up for your new project.

Our newly installed WordPress App is now visible under www (3) B2B Vultr Server

Step 5.

Take note of the following information:

Cloudways Dashboard [Application Details Page]

App URL: [temporary]

Admin Panel: WordPress login details



Password: ************

MySQL Access: database login details

DB Name: bxustjmp** (this is the folder name as well for the new WordPress installation)

Username: bxustjmp**

Password: ************