How to add a Domain with a WordPress app on Cloudways Server?

Step 1.

Go to Application Management Page of the project “” from Cloudways Dashboard. Select Domain Management from the left hand navigation menu. Put the domain name associated with our project without www or https:// under PRIMARY DOMAIN field. In our case we put “” as the primary domain.

Cloudways Dashboard [Application Management Page >]

Then click on the [SAVE CHANGES] button.

Step 2.

Login to your Godaddy account with your own credentials. Then go to All Products section and click on Manage All under Domain section.

On the following page you will find all the domains associated with your Godaddy account or you have given access to manage. Find from the list of domains and click on Use My Domain button.

Click on Manage DNS on the following page.

Step 3.

On the DNS settings page of you have to update A record and CNAME record for the domain. You will find these information both from the Server Details page (the server where you installed your WordPress app) and the Application Management page of your WordPress installation “

Godaddy > DNS Management Page

Step 4.

Copy the Public IP address of B2B Vultr server and put it on the A record of DNS Management page.

Then click on the Save button.

Step 5.

Then go the the Domain Section of Application Managment page related to inside Cloudways. Next, copy the URL by dragging the URL address and using keyword shorcut [Ctrl+C] and put it as the www CNAME value on DNS Management page inside Godaddy.

Use keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+V] to paste the value you just copied to clipboard. Finally, click the Save button to make the changes propagate.